January 4, 2012

January 2012 A NEW YEAR!

     January, wheehh, a time to clean things up, refresh, and plan for the up coming year... resolutions????? Well, let's just say I always have a few.  If it's about getting in shape, I just don't have the time. Well, I would if I didn't clean house, work, laundry, and have a business to run. So eating right is on my top list, and drinking a lot of water, which only means one thing!!! LOL!! :>) I have learned to listen more to people and to help someone in any way that I can. Giving of one self is a true gift that you can give someone. My new job has given me the opportunity to work with some wonderful people, volunteers, who give their precious time to the hospital that I work for.  Just working in the gift shop has not only introduced me to them, but some of the visitors and patients who are just looking for a bright place to be.  Hopefully putting a smile on their face, or just listening can make someone not feel alone in what ever they may be going through.  Giving of oneself this year is my top priority.
     This year is also a BIG change for my husband and I. Both of our sons will be getting married 3 months apart from each other. I just want to make this time for them special, and to be as individual as "they" both are.  To keep "their" special moments unique to them. I will keep you posted with pictures. So excited to have "girls" in my house!
   Say a prayer for those that are less fortunate than ourselves, and for those that got diagnosed with an illness. May God put his hands over them all and bless them with a miracle, hope, love, grace and FAITH! Believing in HIM is the answer to all! Here's to a wonderful new year 2012!