September 14, 2016

It has been quite some time since I have last written... My mom was recuperating from her broken arm, only to just get sick and weaker at home. We moved her back into an assisted living facility and she is much stronger... being cared for, eating correctly for her health, ect.

We were told that my son Giancarlo and his wife Alysia were expecting... we were told early on with the first sonogram that they detected a heart problem, and would require surgery right after being born. The pregnancy went well, and she delivered Drake just 2 weeks early.. a healthy boy, other than his heart issue. Four days after birth he had his first surgery at Valley Childrens Hospital in Fresno, CA. He was doing good, but his HR and rythmn just weren't cooperating.. so they helicoptered him to Stanford, Lucile Packard Childrens Hospital. They took him off all drugs, to see what he would do on his own, they decided he needed a pacemaker, back into surgery he went. 3 weeks later he got to come home with his mom & dad @ 2 months old, growing and getting stronger..  He has been well worth the wait.. We love him!

Going through this experience was like my husband and I re-living our son Giancarlo's birth, born 2 mths preemie. We decided that the kids went thru much more than we had, am thankful for all the prayers that were said for Drake.. 

The week after Drake had his surgery, my mother fell and broke her hip... I just kept saying, God why?? Well the baby was on lock down, only parents could visit, so I guess God decided I needed to be redirected and helpful somewhere else.. another surgery, and hospital stay and rehab for mom. She is now back at the assisted living facility. She's limited to what she can do but still having therapy in house.