January 2, 2011

Happy New Year!

 Christmas gifts made, zebra minky blankets for the kids.
Giancarlo & Alysia became Godparents to her neice Charlotte in November... 
Aprons made for the girls, reversible too!
 Birthday party for Marcello, with his buddies.
 Birthday party
My two boys.. Giancarlo & Marcello. So much to be proud of!  Miss them so much!
 Tree decorated, gifts under the tree.
 Love the color of this photo, more presents wrapped and ready!
 Santa came on Christmas day to my brothers...
 A surprise to us!!! Christmas day Marcello asked Delise to marry him! The happy couple.
 Our family is growing.
 And the ring that he proposed to her. Very happy for them both, no date set yet. They want to get their careers underway.  Will keep you posted.
Many new beginnings, so much more to celebrate and be thankful for.. God is good!
Had to post this picture, Roscoe our rescue dog, yes this is how he sleeps next to our bed every night..
I think God knew he'd be happy in our home. 
Roscoe and Easton, Happy New Year to you all! May it be filled with happiness, love and prosperity!

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