October 31, 2015

Baked while cleaning house today. Tried making french pans de chocolate. They are like a cupcake, not as sweet and a lil denser. They were yummy with chocolate chips inside.

Next was Pandoro.. An Italian dessert. Last time I tried making this was with my friend Julie. Her mom or grandma would get this in San Francisco at Dianda's  Bakery. It was so soft buttery and yummy we would just about eat the whole loaf! Mine came out good, not as sweet or buttery but still yummy. The recipe makes two. I bought the pans about 5 years ago at a kitchen shop. You can use a coffee can too. This recipe came from Mario Batali.

Out of the pans cooling.

A shaking of powdered sugar. I omitted the sugar water drizzle over it. Just did powder sugar.

I made pandoro today. Was in a baking mode.

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