May 26, 2015

Today is Tuesday, back to work I go.
  Had a wonderful day at work.  I work at our local hospital Gift shop as the manager.  Best part of my day are the volunteers.
Keeping the schedule filled with the different shifts can be a bit tricky at times especially when I get a last minute call that they can't come in, just like this afternoon.  I was asked to "please find me a sub", so I started calling off our sub list. One of my Saturday girls came to my rescue.. thanks to Jessica and Rosa we were able to be open this evening.

Came home to start dinner only to find the neighbor boy in my driveway along with several new faces.  New kids from down the block that were really good at playing basketball.  Brought back memories of my two boys when they were that age.
Listening to the laughing, hitting the rim of the hoop,
and shoes scuffling on the cement.
I reminded them that my rules are, you ask before you play, and you don't hit my house or garge door, and what ever they brought over they had to take home.
Sitting in my back yard after dinner enjoying a glass of red wine and this beautiful weather we are having this evening. I love these blue flowers that re-seed themselves and put on a show for me thru fall. I don't know what they are called, had planted from seed many years ago. Cornflower blue, I love the color blue. If you know what they are, leave a comment to let me know, thanks!

Here is my big purchase I made in Petaluma on sunday at the seed store.  Can't wait till I get them in the dirt!
Look how big the tomatoes have gotten in two weeks. I hit them with some water today, conserving as much as they can handle and be within our watering limits here in California.

This adorable windchime was given to me back when I had my store in Los Banos.  My brother raised sheep while growing up and I showed sheep at the fair. I still think they are too cute, and so are the goats... wish I could have one in my backyard but I don't know what my two dogs would think of that or my neighbors!
I don't live in the country anymore, but you can't take the country out of me!

During the remodel I threw things in pots and containers, because I couldn't plant a garden or flower beds.  This container was one of them that I threw some Italian sweet peppers into.  Amazing that they sprouted new leaves, and today I noticed an actual pepper on it!  I will have to transplant these 3 plants into my garden.

I have  been blessed with another beautiful day and thank God for that!
Thanks for reading my blog, now onto starting another quilt,
 into my sewing room I go!

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