May 10, 2015

We had a great Mothers day again today. My other son and wife, an aunt, cousins and friend and my mom. I cooked ribs with the help of Mel tri trip roasted  wedge potatoes and BBQ zucchini,  salad and strawberry short cake.. Yummy.. So nice . started with mimosas, chips and guacamole, lemon drop martini and wine with dinner. We were ready for coffee whcen dessert was served.  Feeling very blessed!

Being a mom is a wonderful thing. Watching my children grow up become men and then married men, husbands and good ones at that! So if you are a young mom with little ones I Know how hard it is to juggle work household chores, sporting events along with all those practices . So exhausting at times but when they ask you to read a story before bed time, you just sink down to the floor, relax, begin to read and tell yourself YES this is where I belong right at this moment it just all seems right! Life races by and before you know it, they are gone, off to college, no more quiet times with them. Enjoy them, hold them and love them!

To keep myself busy with them no longer in our home, we have two dogs, I do a lot of sewing,  cooking, which I love and my hands at gardening. Life is good,  you just need to take a look around, smell the roses and see the beauty that God has given you, all gifts, precious ones, everyday a blessing!

Happy Mothers' day to you all

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