June 15, 2015

A blast from the past!

Today my husband went back to his school to clean out his classroom.
I didn't see the 4 storage boxes go into the back bedroom until much later. The room I want to paint and re-do since the remodel.  Knowing he would be bringing a desk and his chair into the garage I started making room for it all. Half of the garage still has items from the remodel that we haven't fit back into our house just yet.  I cleaned out an old white wicker trunk (falling apart) only to discover treasures from my boys growing up.  Their large tin box (once my mother n'laws with roses on it) filled with crayons and markers, all still in good shape.  The pull toy that hung on their crib playing a song while the baby bear goes up and touches the mama bears' nose.  It still worked so I cleaned it up and put it away.  
This is the blast from the past that my husband brought in!!

A picture that I had purchased for our sons' room when they were little.  There are even some drawing marks on it that one of them had made. Children from different ethnic backgrounds holding hands with BIG smiles on their faces.. 
I just had to put it into my sewing/laundry room.  So many memories of my boys surfaced today, they may not remember but we certainly do as parents, every treasure found has such meaning. 

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