June 12, 2015

Last Day!!

It's Friday..
Been a long week, emotional and a little draining.
My husband is retiring after 38 years of teaching, and yesterday was his last day of school with students, graduation, and teacher gathering.
I got a little tear in my eye as the students marched out to their song they chose.
Their guest speaker was Danny Dias from Mc Farland, yes the actual person from the movie, not the character, the real one.  He was very inspirational to the students.
My husband Reno has been there and helped many students, parents and teachers along the way, mentoring all.
Here he is off to his last day of school, a picture I took, reminded me of taking pictures like this of our sons going off to school.

Onward forward, today and Monday cleaing out his classroom of 38 years of treasures.. 
Can't wait to see what the future holds for him.
Doing what he wants to do, at his own time, enjoying life, maybe just an ordinary day
which is what I am looking forward to spending with him!
Love him!

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