June 8, 2015

Happy Monday morning!

Good morning !  Happy Monday to you all!  It is going to be a hot day today. 
Wednesday is the start of our local town Merced County Fair, here in Merced,

 This past weekend we celebrated my husbands'retirement that included two others from his school. They have comitted themselves to the school and the community of Planada for many years.. A great time had by all, stories, laughter, tears, and many faces I  have not seen in a very long time that were retired many years ago.  A great meal, teachers from the school, old friends, and family.  I was asked many times, "What are you going to do with him at home?" My answer, I am NOT retired, I will be at work!!  Someday, we will see what's ahead.
Onto a new chapter of our lives.  More ordinary days, no more hustle and bustle to get to work.  Enjoying things you want to do.  Finding a new hobby or job interest.
Life is an ever changing story, keep your eyes and heart open for the unexpected!

Here is a wreath I made for our front door last week.

My old style 70's door original to our home.  Never liked it, but about 10 years ago I added a white pickling stain over the exhisting dark stain, two coats of marine shellac.  I actually really like it..a little shabby chic and still fits the house style. 
A simple change with paint is an inexpensive way to make a change without spending a lot of money.  
Have a great day today, and do something for yourself!!

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