August 11, 2015


Second, I piped them onto a cookie sheet
they looked so pretty at this point.

Not so pretty here!
I baked them, the second batch came out flater, because the other recipe I was readin said to hit the pan on the counter to have them spread out, and they did.
Tomorrow I am going to sandwich them together with jam, putting the peaky one on top, flatter one on bottom..
Did they come out???? I don't know, they do not look like the ones in the cookbook I used, I was looking at two different ones, one was French and the other was "tea time". These remind me of making amaretti cookies you just gotta know the "trick".
I don't think I know that yet. If anyone out there has ever made them let me know what your trick is.  I will post a picture of them sandwiched together and dusted with powdered sugar tomorrow.. Right now they are cooling under the fan.

First I beat the egg whites, folded in the powdered sugar, ground almonds, crushed strawberries.  I think I didn't beat the egg whites long enough, but it said not dry peaks!??!!
Maybe I can try some coconut macaroons, dipped in chocolate, that would be good and the chocolate will disguise any flaws in them....

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