August 5, 2015

Makin' sauce!

What to do when you have tomatoes?
I make spagetti sauce!

I cut them in quarters and remove seeds and the gunky stuff
Then I process in my food processor, (hope I spelled that right!??) 
I do NOT remove the skins, just process them.

washed the fresh basil from my garden that I started from seed.

process the onion, garlic, celery, saute' in olive oil till transparent.

Stir altogether with the processed tomatoes, fresh Italian herbs,
 (basil, marajon, sage, oregano) I like to add more olive oil as the liquid reduces.
Cook on low till liquids reduce, a good 2 hours, with lid half off.
If you want to add cooked ground meat you can, I like to use left over roast, stew meat, all processed in the food processor. 
cook on low so as not to burn.
If I don't have meat when I am processing the tomatoes, I will add later when I take out of freezer when we are ready to enjoy it.
Always nice to have sauce in the freezer for a quick meal,
 especially for Sunday dinner

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