July 22, 2015

A friend of ours from Le Grand is a farmer and brought us over some bell peppers and tomatoes yesterday.. The tomatoes are still sitting on my counter getting darker, while the peppers were ready to do something with tonight!
My dads' favorite thing to eat for breakfast or lunch was the fried pepper / egg sandwich which he made in the summmer for his lunch.
We use to serve it on white bread with a little mayo.  My favorite way is just with a little butter, and the egg and peppers are cooked with olive oil and a little onion.
It is so delicous shown here with a Portuguese roll that I purchased in Turlock at the Portuguese bakery off of Lander Avenue. I was in heaven as the melted butter oozed into the bread and the crunch of the bread and soft egg/pepper mixture hit my taste buds.. oh memories of this sandwich.. and my dad... yummy delicousness!!!
Try making this for just about any meal.... 
E N J O Y!

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