July 28, 2015

Japenese Lantern Plant

This is the plant that I started from some heart shaped seeds that my bookkeeper Phyllis had given to me before her passing.  
She told me to plant them and share with the other volunteers that work with me and her family members as well.
When I saw that her health was declining I planted the seeds, and yes I shared the plants with the others, and told them to save the seed and share with others to keep 
Phyllis in our hearts and thriving.
This weekend while I was gone, I arrived at home to see a lantern at the base of one of the very delicate branches, swaying just so, so light and delicate as is the rest of the plant with tiny white blooms on it.  The lantern is where the seeds are, and as the lantern dries out it becomes transparent, like an onion skin holding the heart shape seeds within. Can't wait to see the process and harvest the seeds to give to others. My plant is  about 18" tall, very spinely and delicate.  We all have been talking back and forth about our "Phyllis plant" keeping her legacy alive.
Such a fragile plant with so much meaning just like the woman it represents. 
Strong, steadfast, delicate and beautiful..
I miss our Phyllis in my office and meetings and such.  
A true meaning of the word volunteer. 
I know she is looking down on us and still guiding and admiring what we are all doing.  A teacher of doing things the "right way", no skimping... and always with a big smile on her face, OH I MISS THAT SMILE!

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