July 22, 2015

Summer time, garden goodness!

Here's what my garden looks like at this point.
Over taken with the tomatoes I started from seed. Manzano and Romas. Lots of tomatoes just haven't turned red yet, more flowers bloomed over the last two days too, so that means hopefully more tomatoes!!  Can't wait  to harvest these 
and make spagehtti sauce, yum!

I have also planted basil, Italian sweet peppers, swiss chard, and some green beans.
Have been harvesting the chard, love it saute' with baby carrots and garlic and olive oil.  The basil I use it to make pesto in small batches.  I love pasta with fresh chopped tomatoes and pesto saute' in olive oil dusted with parmeasan cheese and fresh ground pepper. Such a simple meal for a hot summer dinner.
I am pretty excited about my garden this year since I started the plants from seed.

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