October 17, 2009

Cousin Night Out!

Here we are out to dinner, my sister, niece and cousins, I am the one on the far right. We are sporting out Breast Cancer awareness pins that I made. We had a great time reminising about our childhood. We are double cousins, YES, our mothers were sisters or cousins of each other, and our fathers were brothers. Those Italian men liked those Portuguese women..We have great stories to share, growing up in the country, and being blessed to be a part of a wonderful family that visited every weekend.. those were the good ol' days!
Homemade cookies, or cakes, and good old Kool-Aide ! Holding on to the memories!

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  1. Bridget I love it! We do come from a wonderful family. One that is plentiful in "riches", maybe not monetarily, but rich in lots of love, supporting one another in good times and bad, using any excuse to have a party so we can all get together again, wonderful food, music, laughing, dancing, creativity, and wonderful memories. Thanks for sharing our story. Love, Your Double-Cousin Tracey =)
    PS Bridget is one of our many talented members of our family. She is very creative and has so many great ideas. If you are looking for new ideas or just need a budge to get started into something new, she is the one to do it. Her creative energy is very infectious, and before you know it, you will be making these wonderful items. Everything she makes comes complete with lots of love. Good luck!


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